01. Clients

Our clients are out to change the world


It’s a sports betting token, an exchange, and wallet, but why stop there - they’ve also acquired 7 other betting platforms and hit 1,000,000 active users across their network.


Virtuse is democratizing the $300 trillion world of traditional investments. Through a crypto-wrapper called a DACT, they’re tokenizing assets like oil, gold, and carbon emissions — assets previously out-of-reach to all but the wealthy.


More than just Brazil’s newest, fastest crypto exchange with the lowest transaction fees, Criptohub brings crypto to merchant payments in Brazil, a nation with over 5000 bitcoins bought and sold every 24 hours.


Not everyone has a bank account, but nearly everyone has a mobile device. With crypto, Treon brings mobile utility payments to the “unbanked”, solving major problems in 2nd and 3rd world countries.


Ushering in the age of the content creator, Regium brings the transparency, security, and trustless smart-contracts of blockchain (based on EOSIO) to digital royalties.


Bethereum combines next-level gamification, superior UX, ease-of-use with the FUN of sportsbetting with friends. Great ratings and reviews from popular influencers helped propel this incredible platform.


Worlbli is the bridge between major financial institutions and blockchain. By putting regulatory compliance first and foremost, Worbli enables highly-regulated enterprises to make the jump into blockchain.


Built by experienced gold traders, Novem is the solution that gold buyers and refineries will adopt. Fast transaction speeds, Swiss gold storage, and gold that you can take delivery on is now in reach.

Peer Mountain

We base the majority of our decisions on trust. Peer Mountain tokenized it and rewards users for their trustworthiness. Companies, even governments, will use it to create frictionless and verifiable commerce.

02. Solutions

Premium marketing solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based organizations

Cryptocurrencies & Exchanges

Building up your platform's user base takes center stage when Zage employs sophisticated marketing strategies across digital channels to create strong month-over-month growth.

Blockchain Marketing

Reaching both crypto and traditional audiences, Zage executes proven strategy to drive mass awareness of your project. With awareness comes adoption and conversation, driving growth.

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03. Testimonials

Knowledge. Speed. Comms.

is committed to building lasting relationships in blockchain.
"Zage's knowledge of the blockchain space is bar none."
Their team’s constant communication and collaboration feels more like we’ve hired an entire marketing team in-house than it does an outside agency.

Marcy Kelly

VP of Marketing, Regium

"It was a real pleasure to work with Zage."
They were very professional and reliable, and worked closely with our team to deliver a successful engagement. Highly recommended.

Giacomo Tognoni

CEO, Bethereum

"Their level of response and dedication is remarkable and commended."
We had the pleasure to work with the professional team of Zage. We would love to do future work with them.

Hesham Elmetainy

Founder, Treon

"Everyone lets me know what they're working on, so I am always in the know."
I know of a couple agencies that have really talented people, but what sets you guys apart is how up-to-date you keep me, the client. That's a very different experience even when compared to the top agencies we have here in Austria.

Andreas Kalties

Head of Marketing, Novem

"Working with Zage is like speeding your marketing/sales team with a space-rocket."
They understand & breath digital marketing and are up to date on the latest tools and trends in the market while leveraging marketing fundamentals. It is not common to find an agency you can have a proper one to one and speak that same language while learning from them. A fast-paced, proactive and knowledgeable team of professionals ready to sort out any of your marketing/sales challenges.

Marc Garriga

Head of Marketing, Peer Mountain

"Zage offers a powerful suite of tools that every marketing team must have."
We developed a great partnership with the Zage team, and their dedication to digital marketing is evident in all aspect of our communication. We appreciate their attention to detail, creative approach to bringing our new exchange to live online. They have enabled us, coached us and given us the confidence to share Virtuse‘s story widely.

Ras Vasilisin

Founder & CEO, Virtuse

"The Zage team more than keeps up and are extremely responsive to our changing needs."
The world of blockchain is extremely fast-moving and really expects a lot out the teams building dApps and platforms. The Zage team more than keeps up and are extremely responsive to our changing needs. They really set themselves apart from the pack by being both agile and knowledgeable - hugely helpful in our success.

Sam Russell

EVP Strategy & Partnerships, Worbli

04. Services

An arsenal of proven marketing strategies

We believe that blockchain is both the frontier - fraught with unencountered obstacles - and the next great leap in information technologies. While we never know what governments, Google, and Facebook will do next, Zage has created a number of highly effective strategies that propel blockchain projects.

Public Relations

Ongoing, high-quality PR to both crypto and non-crypto media brings premium interest.


Zage develops the creative and optimizes your ads across top ad platforms.


Zage develops well-written, conversion-first designs to create wins across targeted audiences.

Community Management

Your communities and social channels are monitored by blockchain literate staff 24/7.

Search Engine Optimization

Zage will rank your website at the top of Google (especially important for Exchanges).


Zage polishes and amplifies your thought-leadership across major publications.

05. TEAM

Zage is the blockchain arm of Web Profits, a digital growth consultancy with offices in Australia, Singapore, USA and Romania

The Zage team represents the core members of Web Profits blockchain marketing arm. In addition to the core blockchain marketing team, Zage can draw upon the greater Web Profits team of 100+ digital growth consultants.

Alex Cleanthous
Founder + Strategy
Matt Harding
Head of Blockchain Marketing
Nick Brogden
PR + Influencers
Justin Roberti
Ciprian Paraschiv
UX Design
Drew Azarias
Community Management
Tammie Lee
06. contact

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